Our Core Values

Holistic Worship

Christ-centred, Spirit-led, whole of life

Unity and Diversity

Uniquely created yet one family in Christ

Authentic Love

Christ-like love expressed in genuine action

Extravagant Grace

Love, acceptance and forgiveness on display

Sacrificial Mission

Going above and beyond to share God’s love

Disciplined Growth

Helping each other to do what ever it takes to become like Jesus

Enthusiastic Service

Everything is better when we do it together

Outrageous Generosity

Generously sharing God’s blessings

At Warwick Baptist Church we are a people empowered by God to impact our community as we Grow in relationship with Him, Build relationship with one another and Share His love into our world.

Therefore, by faith we value the following:

1. Holistic Worship
Christian worship is triune in nature. The very essence of worship is the dialogue between God’s people and the Father, through the Son, and in the power of the Holy Spirit. Our worship is centred around the person and work of Christ, as he reveals the Father, and indwells us through the Holy Spirit. His is the Name above all names, and the One worthy of glory, honour and praise.

Worship is a whole of life activity, not just something we do when we gather. Our desire is that everything we do becomes an act of worship to God. But worship needs to be led by the Holy Spirit, who guides and directs our worship, and gifts us with a variety of ways to express our relationship with God.

2. Unity and Diversity
God draws people into relationship from all backgrounds, cultures and lifestyles, and, in Christ, all are an equal part of God’s family. We embrace all who seek God at Warwick Baptist Church, and welcome people wherever they have come from, and regardless of their past, and what their personal preferences in worship look like. Yet, in this diversity, God calls us to unity as one in Christ Jesus. We are family in Christ, and thus treat one another as such.

3. Authentic Love
God calls us to a Christ-like love expressed in genuine and authentic relationships with each other. It is our desire to demonstrate a “what-you-see-is-what-you-get” kind of life. We strive to be honest with one another. We allow our emotions to be present and value openness in our relationships. We actively seek to be real together as we share life as God’s Family. Our love for one another seeks to be expressed, not just in words, but in real and genuine action.

4. Extravagant Grace
God does not treat us as our sins deserve, but rather demonstrates grace to us in spite of ourselves. We seek to replicate this extravagant grace to those around us, both within the family, and those not yet adopted. This requires love, acceptance, forgiveness and mercy to be demonstrated in all aspects of our lives.

5. Sacrificial Mission
God did not spare his own Son to bring about our adoption into his family, instead sending Jesus as a sacrifice for us, even when we were still his enemies. We seek to be a people who also demonstrate this kind of love to reach people not yet in the family of God. We seek to go above and beyond to share God’s love with those we encounter, as we scatter throughout our community each day.

6. Disciplined Growth
The church, both corporately and individually, needs to be constantly being reformed as we actively and intentionally embrace a process of continual evaluation and realignment of our beliefs and practice with the Word of God.

Thus, it is the responsibility of each member of God’s family, by the power of the Holy Spirit, to grow to maturity in Christ, and become like Him. This doesn’t just happen all by itself. It requires discipline, effort and perseverance. We are committed to encouraging and helping one another grow by mutual support, accountability and discipline as we foster a culture of continual improvement.

7. Enthusiastic Service
Each member of the family of God has a role to play. As the Bible says, we are all parts of one body, and as such the body is deficient if parts are not active and involved — we miss out on the unique contribution brought by each member. So, we value enthusiastically engaging in serving the body of Christ according to our own unique abilities and giftings. Everything is better when we do it together.

8. Outrageous Generosity
God has blessed us abundantly, in order for us to be a blessing to others. Thus we hold all we have with an open hand, in order to be willing and able to give to those around us. We seek to be good and wise custodians of that which God has given us, so that we may meet needs and outrageously bless others

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